Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thiruvilayadal - Nagesh Sivaji Comedy - Tamil mp3

Just like many others, I spend almost 70% of my time in front of my computer – coding. I got used with listening to music while I am at it. It helps me a lot by preventing any external distractions especially when I am doing tasks which are repetitive, not involving much of any thinking process.

A friend of mine once gave me a bunch of S.Ve Shekar and Crazy Mohan drama’s in mp3 format and I seriously got hooked to it. Having got used to listening to comedy, I wanted more and started ripping off some of my favorites from as many videos I could. Here is one of my all time favorite – Thiruvilayadal

Nagesh is Dharumi and Lord Siva aptly played by Sivaji, tries to help him. But eventually the Dharumi gets bullied by Chief Poet – Nakkeerar played by A.P.Nagarajan (who also happens to be the director of the movie). All of this because the King (Muthuraman) had a stupid doubt when he was fondling his wife:

Of course, the charm in “watching” would be missing, but having watched these scenes over a million times, they roll in my head as I listen to it. 

Nagesh - Great comedian with the veteran Sivaji Ganesan – some good humor and great Tamil dialogues.

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