Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why I hate Sun T.V.

I have never been a fan of SUN network and if there is anything that they did – It was to start a television network at the right time and nothing more.

It was the time when Doordharshan was the only available mass television channel which was drowning in complacency. DD1 and DD2 had managed to earn so much hatred from the people that they were ready to strike anytime.

This is when locally formed groups of people started this Cable T.V connecting a few houses and played 3 movies a day from VHS tapes (VHS was very popular then). 

That is roughly the time when Sun T.V started its relay, and only in the evenings - (hence the name 'Thamizh Maalai'). The same year or probably the next, it clearly decimated the DD regime, but then, DD had killed itself with its reputation, didn't it? 

Then Sun T.V was ruling the roost showing new movies for each festival, a slew of viewer participating shows. Later when the Mega Serial wave settled in they went for the kill with stellar serials which kept men, women and even kids glued to their TV sets.

But all the while one important thing going on was the "Sun T.V News" which was as biased as western education. The main purpose was to merely read out shamelessly the DMK regime's statements and accusations. The channel was cleverly used to play all the dirty politics the party wanted to do. 

Sometime around then, they expanded to start Sun Movies and Sun Music, which bombed real bad. But later it got revived with Sun Music sustaining itself with some better anchors (FM style) and Sun Movies re-established as K.TV. Same time the Sun network expanded over to other southern India states in various names. Also in a move to suck up to the party full time – they had the Sun News channel rolling. 

Political influence strongly playing the upper hand and totally biased views, always made me hate the channel, but sadly the alternatives in Tamil channels then were Raj T.V (which was so pathetic) and an unstable J.J TV which was rocked along with the former CM's reputation.

Also there was this G.E.C - later Vijay and Now STAR Vijay.

Ever since STAR network took over Vijay, there was a 100% possibility that this whole dirty SUN business could be broken down. 

And it indeed went the same way as expected - STAR networks gave food for thought and brought up some really fresh ideas to the Indian television viewers. With a lot of dubbed English classics, Singing/Dancing Competitions, Stand up Comedy, Sensible and Professional Talk Shows and a totally unbiased approach made it a perfect entertainment package. 

NOW, to look at the once popular SUN - it could not handle the competition and they faltered. They could just keep looking in awe at the growing TRP of other channels. Viewership had granulated with a plethora of private channels. The market was not the same anymore and never ever before have they seen such a big competitor. 

The next set of steps that they took saw to it that they got even more unpopular and pulled their rankings further below. They “stole” artists and performers from STAR Vijay and simply copied all the shows. J.J TV which later returned as Jaya T.V added up to the list with a few attractive shows (but then this is another biased channel, so forget it) 

The shows they copied were such colossal failures, so much so that people clearly understood that they are only capable of stealing shows and spoiling it. SUN TV could never do anything with style, even from the beginning. Anything they did had a cheap look in it and would appear too unnatural and political. Even the Movie/Music ratings that they gave would vary based on SO MANY factors. 

The already plagued network, had earned a lot of animosity among a lot of people – people who were ridiculed and humiliated, were just waiting for an opportunity to vent their anger. 

The next big blow was the internal split up. The next biggest competition - this time from inside. Enter Kalaignar T.V.

Sun TV was ousted from the “Political” family and left stranded. No ideas, No power and left with just its glory of the past to survive.  Now there is the sudden turnover and change of approach. Suddenly a lot of devotional television shows are telecasted, News is against the DMK party (STILL BIASED). People never change! 

There are some who even claim that this whole thing is a well scripted drama! I think they should be too rich and too jobless to embark on such missions. (Hang on, actually, they are!)

Unless some great attitude change happens or probably a better bunch of people take over this channel, it is destined to go down, no matter in how many countries it is telecasted.


Ananya Mahadevan said...

Oh My God!!! I am so happy I saw someone who shares my thoughts! What about the stupid mega serials that this channel telecasts from morning to night? I have also mentioned abt this dislike in my posts. Good post.

Kaarthik said...

Yes! I never let a chance pass by - to discourage people from watching such endless, frustrating and so-poorly-made time-wasters.

Anyways, Thank you for your comment. Thank you even more for all your posts, I spent a good 2 hours or so reading and enjoying them. Keep writing more...

Ananya Mahadevan said...

:-) dint expect that. Thanks a ton for visiting my site.

Ananya Mahadevan said...

kaarthik, இதை சொல்லியே ஆகணும். Recently these guys started airing the so called reality show deal aa no deal aa.. it is such a big time crappy show that I never go near channel 77 (sun tv with Evision Subscription) these days. Yesterday due to some surfing problems, I made a mistake of halting at 77 as I had to run to the kitchen to turn off the stove. You wont believe, there was this lady who is crying on the show saying that She participated in that stupid show because she wanted to get her hubby a better car than what they have now. அவன் அவன் சாப்பாட்டுக்கு இல்லாமை திண்டாடுறான். இவளுக்கு கார் வாங்கணுமாம் அதுக்கு ஒரு ஒப்பாரி. சனியன்.. சன் டிவி ஒழிக சன் டிவி ஒழிக!

Kaarthik said...


Ananya - That was fantastic! What an open and transparent comment...

Let me tell you this - That whole episode was widely unpopular. The way she cried and the reason she gave made most of us sulk in embarrassment.

"அவன் அவன் சாப்பாட்டுக்கு இல்லாமை திண்டாடுறான்...."
Still laughing as I type this...

Ananya Mahadevan said...

haa, at last you checked the comments. I am familiar with Sun tv's such horrible nonsensical cheap shows like the one simran hosted a few years ago and she commented something and they aired it again and again for publicity. kashtakaalam. but this one really got on my nerves! before telling my friends, I quickly wrote my thoughts in ur blog . he he..