Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What is Horrible? Huh?

I was googling about my previous company for hunting down an ex-colleague of mine. Though I could not actually find him on the results, I found the following within the first 50 results:

Job Seekers say:

Client’s say:

General US Public say:

You would love this!

I have not commented on any of these sites nor do I want to even in my very own blog. But as I read through the positive comments in the IndianJobReviews link, I know exactly who wrote it (and for some, who originally drafted it FOR them).

I leave it to the reader’s discretion on what to believe.

Somehow I got reminded of something one of my managers told me when I was with them – “you know...., where there is smoke, you know....., there is fire”. Well, I "know" he is correct at least for this one time.


Steven Sashen said...

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Ananya Mahadevan said...

Karthik, after seeing the job reviewers site, I can definitely feel something is fishy with the top mgmt of your ex company. அது எப்படிப்பா, சொல்லிவெச்சாப்புல ஒவ்வொரு Negative reviewக்கு அப்பறம் exact a ஒரு postive review? நான் நெனைக்கறேன், எவனோ மேலதிகாரி வெட்டியா உக்காந்துகிட்டு இதே வேலையா இருக்கான்.இதுல என்ன காமடின்னா, Negative reviews எல்லாம் genuine ஆ இருக்கு, postive reviews எல்லாம் fakeஆ இருக்கு