Sunday, October 21, 2012

My newest lessons learnt from watching a TV show

I was watching the newest Super Kitchen/Super Chef show on Star Vijay today and saw some nice vegetarian cooking. Though not so inclined towards cooking, it is the drama and politics that I was looking out for - the one that fuels such competition and reality shows.

There was this girl who claimed she is terrible in cooking, super nervous about the show and she knows nothing that could impress the judges and I admit she did seem like she was ovedoing it a bit. Some people tend to do that - show themeslves to be below par and then when they actually deliver - voila they look like a super hero. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would fail... I remember actor Adrien Brody in a promo for one of his movies, asked people NOT to watch his movie (hoping it would create a spur and people would flock in). But then, he never expected the people to be so odedient - actualy no one ever went to the movie after all! Ok, I am degressing...

Getting back to the kitchen show, there was this other guy who was super confident and very very experienced in cooking. And in one of the cut scenes (in-betweeners) he started ranting about this girl and called her for playing dumb. He made remarks like he has seen so many such kids before yada yada yada...

Finally he went on to become the winner of the episode and the girl came runner up.

Looking at this all, I was telling my sister who was with me watching this show that it would have been SO MUCH more better if this guy had kept quite about the girl. He won it finally, that is big enough. But if he had not made such comments it would have shown him to be more mature.

I agree that the girl was a bit too noisy and nosy and extremely talkative. Maybe this guy was irritated. Maybe she was trying to play the dark horse and come out winning - she really came close too! But STILL it would have been really really better if the guy had just not made such comments.

I try to take some management concept out of this - In my work place too, I encounter similar people with different types of attitude and intent. So given below is my personal lesson taken from this:

"If someone is irritating or frustrating you but you know that they are not worthy of your time or skills, just completely ignore them. They will make enough noise to show themselves to be stupid or not... But remember to just focus on your work and no one can prevent the inevitable success"