Thursday, March 4, 2010

Work and the Tea Shop...

Nowadays we have started visiting the tea shop near our office more frequently, almost 5 times a day. I wonder why… probably because our team management shifted to some new guys; probably we became complacent; or probably we just got too tired; probably all the above.

It is that phase of a project where you think you have done it all and you expect something in return besides just getting your salary paid. I personally have been given high ratings in my appraisals and have been promised a lot of special skill bonuses, so I would not crib too much.

But then, work has slowed down tremendously or that is the way I feel. The bunch of people managing our team are more focused on just taking control over things, thereby not giving us the freedom on our work and that rapidly decelerates the progress. I am sure this phase would not last for long. Things will improve… and the guy who runs the tea shop will quickly realize that when it happens.