Sunday, December 7, 2008

Songs from the Tamil Movie - Anne Anne

Quite often when I get bored with new music, I delve into my collection of old mp3 songs. Quite common for people to do so, nowadays, with almost all the mobiles coming with an mp3 player - you have complete access to any music you want.

Yet, there are times when you would want to hear a particualr song from a particular movie, which, unfortunately, not many would have even heard of. One such movie is Anne Anne - a real gem of a movie, extremely funny and some very good performance by all people involved.

It was a movie written and directed by Mouli, one really talented and unfortunately less seen on screen veteran. And it has some really good music composed by Maestro Ilayaraaja. The music right throughout adds up to the comical aura of the script and has this amazing number - "Uruginen" - beautifully rendered by SPB and S.Janaki.

Anyways, when I pounded the internet to see if I can get a copy of the songs from this movie, I could not find any except for a broken version of one song. I tried some other sources and some audio stores too, but got nothing more than some awkward stares.

But luckily I got the actual movie (in VCD format) from one of the video stores near my office. So, for people who wanted these songs, I have them uploaded at:


Anonymous said...

I agree your comments about Anne Anne movie.. it is really good movie and worth to watch. I am also searching song "anda naal" for last 3 years. Fortunately i got it from your post. Thanks.

Kaarthik said...

My pleasure.