Friday, June 5, 2009

Could it get any worse?

The last two weeks were probably the worst days I have had in a long time now. When things go down, they go down together.
  1. At work, we lost a good opportunity which came our way, due to the incessant stupidity of a few managers. They never learn.
  2. At home, the construction work that we had started a couple months back went on a standstill.
  3. I caught up with a terrible cold and was sick all these days, giving company to the rest of the victims at home.
  4. A friend of mine met with an accident and had bruised herself so badly. Another friend of mine (who owes me money) never returned my calls.
  5. My phone line at home went bust and along with that went my internet too.
  6. Back to work, I was asked to help another team with some R&D on a “product” they were building and things looked a little bit, or I should say pretty much hopeless. I need to wait and see how that comes along.
Burdened with all this and more, I woke up to this Saturday morning praying to see some change of luck. My prayers were answered with a power failure, goddamnit. I called up the service guys and find out that the power wouldn’t be restored until 5 in the evening. Load shedding – they call it. Yeah I heard them right.

Not having anything to do and not in a position to go out anywhere, I had to find myself something to keep me occupied. I sifted through the newspaper but could never really focus on any news. I found this Sudoku puzzle.

I have never tried one before, so I decided to give it a shot. I realized an hour later, how miserable I was. After spending all that time and thinking that I had solved almost 60% of the puzzle, I found I was wrong all the way through. I knew I had to backtrack but I did not know from what point I had to resume. I then noticed something – Below the puzzle there were these words: DIFFICULTY RATING and beside that were five stars, of which only one, was shaded. DAMN! That was one of the easiest puzzles, and I went through with it for so long, and was left with just a messy piece of paper, pencil markings all over, so brutally treated that it would tear the next time you write on.

I did not feel like eating at all. Anything I tried to eat, tasted so bitter. I would have listened to some music if only I had charged my iPod. I picked up a book to read which I had left unfinished for almost a year now. I had to read through some of the earlier pages to remind myself of the plot and to get re-introduced with the characters. The story could not get any more predictable; at one point I even felt that I could have done a better job. The story writer just was not capable of keeping secrets. She had littered clues all over the place like a stray dog.

I then remembered where I had bought this book. It was a roadside shop near Harvard Square. I should have left it were it belonged.

I was patiently waiting for the power to be restored, wondering if a day could get any worse than this. I hope not…


Ina Mi Gutumaa said...

We all have days like this. You know though, it is not often that people write about how wonderful their days were, so it almost always seems as though we are perpetually in a state of misery. Not so. I hope things are starting to look up for you.

Kaarthik said...

Thank you brother.

When you are down, I think the best way to lift yourself up is by helping others. Like giving someone a ride home or helping someone with whatever they are doing.

The satisfaction you get in return, lifts up your spirit and hope and keeps you going. I was lucky enough to get such a chance yesterday and yes, things are starting to look up...