Friday, June 12, 2009

Could it get any better?

In one of my earlier posts, there was this interesting comment from a friend of mine:
“.. it is not often that people write about how wonderful their days were..”
- which I think is perfectly true in most cases. So my dear friend here goes.
  1. At work, we made a presentation of a small system (which we had been building in the last few weeks) to the Finance team and they were totally bowled over by the perfect way we had trapped the system requirement in our design. Yeah baby!

  2. There was this other project which had to be designed based on the R&D done over the past few weeks. Working non-stop for 2 days at a stretch, I had proposed a design architecture factoring in all scenarios – and it got approved. Fist Bump!

  3. Good riddance of the cold – I am now healthy as a horse. So is everyone at home.

  4. All my iPod’s are fully charged, and I am listening to ‘em as I type this.

  5. My phone line is restored, internet is back.

  6. I caught up with some old friends online and also some people from my previous employment. It was so nice to see emails from all of them. Fills me with pleasant memories

  7. My friend who was hurting from an accident is now quickly recovering.

  8. I hired another guy to get my construction work at home and that will be taken care of.
Funny how things can take a turn around in just a few days.
Now I wonder – Could it get any better?...

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Satya said...

Hey Kaarthik,

How are you doing buddy? Its good to see that things got better for you again. I would love to speak to you at some point sooner. Email me your contact info at Would love to chat with you.