Friday, January 30, 2009

Legendary Actor Nagesh is Dead

Nagesh - The Legendary Tamil Comedian is dead. Truly it is an end of an era.

He was not just a comedian; he was a great actor, probably better than even the lead role actors.

I personally was a BIG fan of his acting. No one can match his innate talent, timing and dialog delivery. Acting came very naturally to him and there will be no one ever to reach even half the way up to the height at which his accomplishments are.

There are so many performances from him that will stick in our minds forever. He has entertained Tamil Movie fans for so many years and his loss is irreplaceable.

I remember how I used to decide on whether to watch an old movie – by looking at the titles and if there was Nagesh, it meant it was a YES YES!

He has this uncanny ability to totally lift the movie up even with a few minutes of his presence.

His movies Ethirneechal and Server Sundaram, Poova Thalaya will be evergreen favorites. I watch Thiruvilayadal over and over again just for his scene – by far the best comedy of Tamil cinema.

No one can forget his stellar performance from the movie Nammavar as Professor Rao.

The greatest superstar of Tamil Cinema, may his soul rest in peace.

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