Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poonkatru Pudhidhanathu - Moondram Pirai

Last week one of my beloved reminded me of Moondram Pirai songs. Unfortunately I was not carrying those songs in my mobile or hard disk. I was left stranded with the song just running in my mind. I desperately wanted to listen to Poonkatru Pudhidhanathu from that classic movie - One of Raja Sir's infinite gem of a creation.

With most sites blocked at my office, I was pounding the net through my mobile and found a few links. I clicked on one of them and waited impatiently for the 3 minutes it took to download and played it only to realize that it was a karaoke version and was sung by some not so gifted yet quite so audacious, Yesudas sir 'wannabe'.

After listening to him the craving to listen to Yesudas sir's actual voice only exponentially increased in me. Its too difficult not to yield to such temptations. I strode to the internet kiosk and pulled the song from cooltoad and plugged the music into me and allowed myself to be hit by waves and waves of goose bumps...

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