Thursday, December 23, 2010

Carnatic Fusion - Mystic Waves

You know, sometimes you get things EXACTLY the way you asked for and immediately too - like as if your prayers were answered. Thats how I would put this - I was telling my colleague one day about how I felt like listening to some Carnatic music fused with some techno beats and percussions. He said - "I have a huge collection right now, do you want it?".

Wow! That was fast.

Anyways, for people with similar interests and for those who do not have this already, I took the time to upload them in cooltoad while watching back to back episodes of Seinfeld.

Mystic Waves - A carnatic fusion performed by various artists. My personal pick would be the Jaga Janani and BrOva BhAramA.

01 - Saraswathi Namosthute
02 - Sudhamayi
03 - Karunai Deivame
04 - Srinivasa
05 - Brova Bharama
06 - Bantureethi Kolu
07 - Maravairi Ramani
08 - Kaliyuga Varadhan
09 - Jaga Janani

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